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The Dirt on Flexfreak, A.K.A., Richard Davies

Well since this is an updated version of my site, I'll make the history lesson a little shorter because most of you already know me.

I've been a fan of Boxing and Bodybuilding since I was a youngin. Ever since I saw the movie "Pumping Iron" with "Governor Arnold" i've been addicted to bodybuilding and I've been working out since I was about ten or eleven years of age. A lot has changed over the years. I have trained in numerous gym's in different cities, and my physique has changed as well. I currently weigh about 247lb

1000lb leg press!

Change is good!

Sometimes my motivation weens from time to time, I guess it's because I've been doing this for so long, and also because I have a family to take care of. My shifts at work also can make it difficult to get to the gym since I don't always have a lot of energy to train after working for twelve hours.

Well I haven't trained in about two months and so I decided to quite the gym I'm at and join another one that has way better equipment (Hammer Strength) and more free weights. It's older but the weight room is hardcore. I'm totally psyched about training there. Sometimes all you need to re-energize your motivation is change.

Family Life

The best thing that ever happened to Patricia and I is becoming parents. Our son Aiden is now nine months old and he's brought so much love and joy to our life. It gives so much purpose and meaning to your life when you become a father. Your perspective and priorities change in a drastic way.

He's so good natured and he loves going everywhere with us. In the car, or in his stroller. Going for walks or hanging out in the mall, (the ladies love him). I love to make him laugh and to play with him. He has a great mother who's so caring and nurturing. It's amazing how much fuller your life feels when there's a little child in it.

My love of movies